Envie d'Etho is a French artisanal company which officially opened in 2010 but which has existed for many years already.

Although we focus mainly on so-called " ethological " riding, we also manufacture products intended for other types of riding such as: classic, western, etc ...

Our goal is to remain open to all existing disciplines as long as they retain a notion of respect .

Our products are tested for several months before the models are marketed.

The raw material is polyester marine rope . Very good quality, it offers a variety of colors that do not fade after several washes. In addition, we also work with leather .

Our watchword: " Harmony "

That which must include the work in Equitation, and in particular in Ethology. I myself am a follower of this so-called “natural” riding that I have been practicing for many years.

The well-being and comfort of the horse and its rider are, in our opinion, the fundamental points of a perfect relationship .

Our workshop was created to provide enthusiasts and future enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and adhere to this philosophy.

Respect for the Horse, its Well-being and Comfort, that of the Rider, Complicity; here are the essential and founding points of our passion for Riding.